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eFamily - The Social Network for Families

Connect, share and preserve memories in a private, safe and intuitive social network built for families. Your most valuable digital content is preserved in high definition and password protected. Plus, enjoy great collaboration features such as shared calendar, events, family tree, newsletters, maps, status updates and more.

Industry Raves about eFamily (previously Famiva)

Famiva offers some unique features the others do not, such as a map tool that shows where everyone is located, a family network diagram that shows how everyone links together.
The collaborative family tree feature on the free Famiva social networking site makes it easy for you and your family members to build a family tree together, complete with profiles and photos.
Want to make Mom happy this May? Famiva is the place for you and your family to be together on the web...
With Famiva's innovative technology, you can create your site, invite members, and start building your entire family network in just minutes.


300,000 MEMBERS


It's like our private Facebook, minus the strangers and clutter.
Meredith D., Writer, New York
GEDCOM and Yahoo import got the tree going in no time!
Scott A., Genealogist, Mississippi
Great for saving old family photos in high resolution printing.
Elizabeth H., Professor, Ohio
Simple and easy to use, for all three generations.
Rose A., Doctor, Australia